I began composing when living in Prague after the buying of a babygrand piano and tinkling on its keys.

I wrote many songs which formed the basis of my opera Nepomuk.

I have written chamber works for voice and instruments, and orchestral works.

In November 2021 the premier of my Cello Sonata will be performed in Liverpool.


I wrote "Nepomuk", an opera in 2 acts, between 2011 and 2012. It was a story based on the house in Klaster Nepomuk (right) and the historical events of 1393.

It takes a lot of persistence and luck to make the journey from the pen to the performance of new musical works.

After much heartache and many false starts, I found support from the Arts Council of England.

Performances of the opera in concert were conducted by the me on 29th and 30th June 2018 in Liverpool.

BELOW are some videos of rehearsals.


Project Nepomuk was set up as a Cross Border Cultural Cooperation project, bringing people together through Art and Music, based in the UK and the Czech Republic.



I believe in the power of art and music having a positive effect on society.

A group of Liverpool artists and musicians went to the Czech Republic in June 2017 as part of Project Nepomuk, a cross-border cultural exchange.

4 artists and musicians met their Czech counterparts to start a collaboration towards the production of a newly written opera Nepomuk and art exhibition, to take place in Liverpool.

As part of the project, a British evening took place in November 2017 in the Czech Republic. Followed in January 2018 by an invite to sing at the Alpha Theatre Plzen, which was broadcast on Czech Radio. In March 2018 there was a UK celebration with a Czech themed evening in central Liverpool with Czech drinks, art and music to entertainment.

In June 2018 there was a concert performance of the opera Nepomuk.

Overtures are being made with “Nepomuk“ communities in the World, in Brazil and the USA, to continue this cultural communication.