Barry Gerald Webb conducting a rehearsal of his opera “Nepomuk” in 2018.


Barry Gerald Webb is an opera singer, composer, conductor and vocal coach.

As a tenor and has sung with the Royal Opera House, Bayreuth Festival, La Scala Milan and other International companies.

He has appeared in concerts, film and recording sessions. He is an Arts Council of England sponsored composer and has written chamber, orchestral and stage works. He conducts chamber choirs and orchestras. He has been a singing teacher/vocal coach for over 30 years.

Currently he is curating and singing in a series of concerts celebrating music and the environment in The Aqua Project. He is also in the process of founding a new vocal ensemble, AQUACANTO.


Singing in concert in Liverpool 2022.

Singing Lenski in Tchaikovsky’s Eugene Onegin for Co-Opera

Tales of Hoffmann, Royal Opera House

“When I was living in Covent Garden for 10 years, I enjoyed singing in the chorus of the Royal Opera House. It can be seen in the background photo taken from my balcony in 2001.”

His opera NEPOMUK was performed in Liverpool in 2018 supported by the Arts Council of England as part of Project Nepomuk.


His current projects are based around his interest in the arts and the environment.
These projects include The Aqua Project, Innerwater and Aquacanto, trading names of his wellness company Aquawebb Ltd, founded in 2020.


The Aqua Project:

creating music, art and events to celebrate water, nature and the environment.


an Aromatherapy company, producing wellness products enlisting the positive energies of Water and Nature’s Essential Oils.
The sale of Innerwater products partly funds The Aqua Project.


a new vocal ensemble of up to 16 singers, in which he sings and directs.

Vocal coaching/singing lessons:

He teaches a Bel Canto technique.

From a concert in Liverpool 22 July 2023. Soprano: Nicole Bartos Tenor: Barry Gerald Webb Piano: Robert Chesters