His works as a composer include

Nepomuk, an opera in 2 acts.

Performances in concert conducted by the composer on 29th and 30th June 2018 in Liverpool.

Here was a rehearsal.




Various settings of SATB a cappella works include Nessun Dorma  (performed in July 2017 by members of The Chapel Choir of the Royal Hospital Chelsea) and You`ll never walk alone, Summertime, Love Story, etc

String Quartets in G minor, in A major.

Cello sonata in C minor.

Violin Concerto.

Symphonic Idyll.

Songs. Time flies, Mother Africa, Special moments, Move on.

He is working on Spooky Wookey, an Opera, and Songs of Seaforth, a musical.

Composition with Kuba Nych (press for link and play) Just do it

DSCF7553 2


A group of Liverpool artists and musicians went to the Czech Republic in June as part of Project Nepomuk, a cross-border cultural exchange.

4 artists and musicians met their Czech counter parts to start a collaboration towards the production of a newly written opera Nepomuk and art exhibition, to take place in Liverpool in October.

As part of the project, a British evening took place in November in the Czech Republic. Followed in January 2018 by an invite to sing at the Alpha Theatre Plzen, which was broadcast on Czech Radio. In March 2018 there was a UK celebration with a Czech themed evening in central Liverpool with Czech drink, art and music to entertainment.

In June 2018 there was a concert performance of the opera Nepomuk. 

DSCF7559 copy

                  Rehearsals for the opera Nepomuk at the RNCM.


The opera NEPOMUK by the composer Barry Webb was performed in Liverpool as part of Project Nepomuk.

The opera can be fully staged, but will be sung as a cantata, in the same way perhaps as Britten`s Curlew River.

This is part of a rehearsal of part of the first act.


The scene where Wenceslaus debates with John about power and love using water as a symbol in Act 1 is produced in midi below


End of Act 2 in midi version without voices

Below. Picture of an 18th century wooden statue of John of Nepomuk