Music has always been a large part of my life. It started with singing as a boy in various amateur choirs in Oxford then taking up the violin, which  ended with me leading County and University  orchestras.

The gift of being able to release and share emotions in this way has been invaluable, helping to make some sense of the World.

It was a privilege to sing with the Royal Opera House, at the Bayreuth Festival, and at La Scala Milan. I am very lucky to have the memories of singing in Opera gala evenings on the magnificent ship the QE2 on her passage to New York and singing (in Chorus) on the soundtracks for the Lord of the Rings and Star Wars (in 2005 at Abbey Road).

I founded various community music companies over the years. These were: Co-Opera (1992+) in London, Bloomsbury Opera (1994+) in London, Klaster Studios sro in Prague (2009+) and Project Nepomuk (2017+) in Liverpool and Nepomuk.

Project Nepomuk is a cross border cultural project. It involved conducting my new opera ‘Nepomuk‘ in Liverpool in 2018 sponsored  by the Arts Council of England and singing at the Frantiskovy Lazne Literary Festival and on Czech Radio.

Music, as an essential mode of communication, is central to my beliefs.

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Music is a primal language. It is understood by all cultures, not in an intellectual way, but instinctively. It can take the form of Jazz, Opera, Folk. You can make a long list of the variant forms if you like, but it will be difficult for anyone to ever finish that list. Music evolves to reflect society and our inner feelings about our place in the world. 

Music helps us to communicate with others and gives us and society well-being.

My present projects are Major Tonic ( and Inner Water (

Major Tonic is all about music and performance being good for our health. Major Tonic began in 2019 with a Community Choir in Liverpool singing all kinds of music, but especially modern popular songs and new compositions.

Communication is central to Music. It helps us make sense of the World. It gives us and society health. Major Tonic has plans to  extend this communication through digital media.

Inner Water is all about approaching the Environment from a holistic viewpoint. Water is central to our Environment and also a symbol of our World. Water is Life.

His philosophy is that if Music and Water have the right balance of resonances, they will create a healthy environment for us and the World.